Aurora University

Winter Parking

Aurora University Parking Restrictions

  • When cones have been placed in the following parking lots to assist in snow removal, please do not remove them: Lot D (Vago North), Lot F (Vago South), Lot J (Southlawn), Lot G (Institute) and Lot I (STEM school).
  • Overnight parking is limited to Vago South, Southlawn, and the parking garage (with an approved green sticker).
  • All vehicles on campus must be legally parked and display a valid university parking permit.

City of Aurora Parking Restrictions

  • If there are two or more inches of snow on the city streets, vehicles must be moved to allow plowing of all City of Aurora roadways. This parking restriction remains in effect until snow removal is complete.
  • Vehicles left unattended for at least 48 hours are subject to ticket and/or tow.
  • All parked vehicles must be a minimum of five (5) feet away from all driveways on City of Aurora streets.

Unincorporated Kane County Aurora Township - South of Prairie Street between Randall Road and Terry Place

  • If there are two or more inches of snow on the township streets, vehicles must be moved to allow plowing of the roadways.
  • Parking is prohibited within:
    • 15' of a fire hydrant
    • 20' of a crosswalk at an intersection
    • 30' upon the approach of a stop or yield sign.
    • In front of a residence’s private driveway
  • Parked vehicles must also allow the free unrestricted movement of emergency vehicles. This is especially important on narrower township streets. Fire trucks and ambulances need to be able to respond directly to emergency calls without the need to detour around parked cars obstructing the roadway. Please be aware of your surroundings and don't park on a township roadway if this action will restrict a large fire truck from freely traveling on the street.

As always, please remember to keep your vehicle gas tank filled with gasoline, battery charged, tires inflated properly and drive safely during this winter season.