Crime Prevention Tips

FBI Public Service Announcements

Other Tips

  • Always lock doors to vehicles and dorm rooms.
  • When you leave your room, close and lock your windows.
  • Store valuables out of sight. Record the serial number, model number, and brand name of any valuables in your room.
  • Never leave your jewelry unattended on the sink while you shower.
  • Be aware of strangers loitering suspiciously in the halls, stairwells, or outside the residence halls.
  • Do not allow people you do not know to enter the building with you. If an unauthorized person pushes past you or follows you in the door, immediately inform Campus Public Safety.
  • Never prop open any entrance doors.
  • Always escort guests. Guests should be accompanied by residents the entire time they are in the building.
  • If you see a person in your residence hall who looks out of place and is not accompanied by a resident, contact your RA, RHD, and Campus Public Safety.
  • Never lend your keys or ID card to anyone.
  • Contact your RHD immediately if you lose or misplace your room key and/or ID card.

Report any suspicious activity to Campus Public Safety at 630-844-5450 or x555 from a campus phone.