If a bike is left on campus for a prolonged period of time, a CPS officer will leave a note on the bike informing the student that the bike should be moved. If the bike is not moved, CPS will remove the bike and store it for a 60-day period for the owner to come and pick it up. If it is not picked up in 60 days, it will be considered abandoned and donated.
Once the button is pressed a call will immediately go to CPS dispatch and officers will be dispatched to the scene.
No, CPS officers have the same authority as all other fully sworn police officers.
No, your parking permit remains valid for the entirety of the time you are enrolled at AU.
No, AU is one of the few universities that provides FREE parking permits.
CPS officers will not directly jump the vehicle; however, they will be able to provide instruction and guide the student through the process.
CPS officers only address traffic incidents ON campus in the campus lots, in the parking garage, or at Spartan Athletic Park. A CPS officer may come to do a courtesy check with the student(s); however, an Aurora police officer will take the accident report. CPS will respond if immediate assistance is needed within a 2-block radius.
CPS will loan students a shovel to shovel out their vehicle after being provided with an ID for holding.
Yes, you can call the non-emergency phone number and an officer will come to guide you out of the space safely.
CPS officers will travel around the immediate vicinity of campus to assist a student in obtaining their key from their locked vehicle.