Emergency Information

What is an emergency?

An emergency is when someone's health, safety, or property is threatened and that person needs the immediate assistance of Campus Public Safety, the Aurora Police Department, the fire department, or ambulance services to deal with that threat.

  • Immediate police assistance is needed when reporting a crime in progress or a life-threatening or violent situation.
  • Immediate fire assistance is needed when reporting a fire on campus or any other location.
  • Immediate ambulance assistance is needed when immediate medical attention or transport is needed for victims of serious accidents or illness.

What is NOT an emergency?

It is not an emergency when the situation is not dangerous and immediate action is not necessary. For these incidences, use the non-emergency numbers.

What if your complaint or concern is not an emergency?

If your complaint or concern is not an emergency, dial the non-emergency number. Use that number for calls such as parking complaints, non-emergency lockouts, or concerns pertaining to Campus Public Safety, students, faculty, staff, and university property. If it is not a Campus Public Safety issue, you will be directed to contact the appropriate department.

Contact Information
Emergency Type University Phone Non-University Phone
Emergency x555 630-844-5450
Non-Emergency x6140 630-844-6140
Other Non-Emergency Numbers
Aurora Police Department 630-256-5900
Aurora Fire Department Station 7 630-256-4070
Illinois Poison Center 800-222-1222