Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder

Watch the Run, Hide, Fight video.

Run: If you can do so safely, run.

  • Evacuate away from the location of the intruder.
  • Stay close to walls and avoid open-wide spaces.
  • Seek safety shelter and make proper notification (call 911).

Hide: Shelter in place and secure your immediate area.

  • Lock and/or block the door.
  • Turn off the lights and close the blinds.
  • Silence your cell phone if you are not in communication with authorities.
  • Turn off any source of noise (e.g., radios, TVs).
  • Keep yourself calm, quiet, and out of sight.
  • Hide behind large objects (e.g., concrete walls, desks, filing cabinets).

Fight: Your life depends on it. Commit to your actions.

Report Necessary Information

  • Location of the shooter.
  • Number of shooters.
  • Description of shooters.
  • Weapons used by shooters.
  • Victim information (number, types of injuries, location, etc.)
  • When able, call Campus Public Safety at 5-5-5 from a university phone or 9-1-1.

Response to Law Enforcement

  • Be calm and follow instructions.
  • Display your hands at all times. Carry nothing!
  • Avoid quick movements.
  • Law enforcement's first priority is to address the threat!