Aurora University

Violation Information

All faculty, staff, and students who wish to park on-campus must register their vehicle with the Department of Campus Public Safety. By registering your vehicle(s) with the University, you agree to abide by all the regulations set forth by Aurora University. These regulations will be enforced by the Department of Campus Public Safety of Aurora University.

Violations and Penalties

The following are violations of Aurora University Parking Regulations and are subject to the penalties listed below.

$20.00 first two tickets;

$25.00 thereafter*

  • Parked on or over yellow lines
  • Unregistered vehicle, no valid permit
  • Blocking a driveway, walk, entrance, stairs, etc.
  • Unauthorized/Violations of Overnight Parking Areas
  • Parking in restricted or reserved areas (Ex: Bus drop off zone, blocking fire hydrant, non parking areas, and event parking)
  • Driving in violation of posted “One Way” street
  • Driving or parking in grassed or unpaved areas
  • Driving or parking on sidewalk
  • Exceeding 15 MPH speed limit
  • Parking in more than one spot


  • Parking in fire lane -Towable Offense $250.00
  • Unauthorized parking in a handicapped space - Towable Offense $250.00
  • Reckless driving - Loss of Parking Privileges and $100
  • Passing a stopped school bus Arm – Possible suspension of driving privileges $150.00

* Individuals that receive 3 or more tickets for the same violation will be charged $25.00, and/or may lose their parking privileges for a given period and/or indefinitely.

Payment of Charges

Ticket fines are sent weekly to the Office of Student Accounts (103 Eckhart Hall). All payments for violations must be made at the Office of Student Accounts. Until all outstanding tickets are paid in full, grades and transcripts may be withheld and the violator may be unable to register for classes. You may appeal your ticket at the Campus Public Safety Department (1408 Southlawn) by filling out the necessary appeal form.

Towing of Vehicles

Aurora University has the right to tow vehicles when in violation of the University’s parking regulations. The Department of Campus Public Safety will make every attempt to contact the owner(s) of the vehicle prior to the towing of such vehicle. All towing expenses are the responsibility of the owners and/or users of such vehicle(s). Aurora University utilizes Lake Auto for their towing needs and all charges are paid directly to Lake Auto.

Unlocking Vehicles

Unlocking of cars requires a signed waiver prior to unlocking the car.


Day and Evening Parking

  • All students, faculty, and staff are permitted to park in any parking lot, from 6:00a.m. to 11:00p.m.

Overnight Parking

  • Overnight parking is restricted to Vago South, Southlawn, and the parking garage (with an approved green sticker).
  • Vehicles must be removed from all other lots by 11:00 p.m.
  • Faculty and staff who are required to be on-campus during these hours due to work-related responsibilities may park in the lot closest to the building in which they are working, if they have requested and received approval from Campus Public Safety. To request approval, call (630) 844-6140 or email

Snow Removal

In the event of a snowfall that exceeds 2” accumulation, students are expected to monitor their email for instructions regarding overnight parking. All students will be expected to abide by parking announcements to facilitate snow removal.

Important Notice

Campus Public Safety has the right to reserve parking for any upcoming events.

Please observe and obey all signs that are posted.

Reserved parking for special events must be sent to the Director of Campus Public Safety for approval

Thank you for your cooperation!