Violation Information

Violations and Penalties

The following are violations of Aurora University Parking Regulations and are subject to the penalties listed below.

$20.00 first two tickets

$25.00 thereafter*

  • Parked on or over yellow lines
  • An unregistered vehicle, no valid permit
  • Blocking a driveway, walk, entrance, stairs, etc.
  • Unauthorized/Violations of Overnight Parking Areas
  • Parking in restricted or reserved areas (Ex: Bus drop off zone, blocking a fire hydrant, non-parking areas, and event parking)
  • Driving in violation of posted “One Way” street
  • Driving or parking in grassed or unpaved areas
  • Driving or parking on a sidewalk
  • Exceeding 15 MPH speed limit
  • Parking in more than one spot


  • Parking in a fire lane -Towable Offense $250.00
  • Unauthorized parking in a handicapped space - Towable Offense $250.00
  • Reckless driving - Loss of Parking Privileges and $100
  • Passing a stopped school bus Arm – Possible suspension of driving privileges $150.00

* Individuals that receive 3 or more tickets for the same violation will be charged $25.00, and/or may lose their parking privileges for a given period and/or indefinitely.

Payment of Charges

Ticket fines are sent to the Office of Student Accounts (103 Eckhart Hall). All payments can be made at the Office of Student Accounts. Until all outstanding tickets are paid in full, grades and registration may be withheld and the violator may be unable to register for classes.

If you would like to file an appeal, please follow the steps below:

  • Complete the back portion of the hard copy ticket in full and submit it in person or via mail to our office. In order to facilitate a timely response, include a valid email address.
  • If you do not have the hard copy ticket, you can submit an appeal via written letter and deliver it to CPS. Include your full name, student ID# (if applicable), email address, home address, signature, the date, an explanation of appeal, and if you are a student/faculty/staff/other.
  • Appeals MUST BE received within ten business days of the issue date of the ticket.
  • The requester will receive a response via email within 30 business days after receipt of the appeal with regards to the appeal decision.