The Thank-You Note

A key step after an interview is to send a thank-you note. If an employer has two equally skilled candidates, receiving a timely and professional thank-you note may tip the scales in one's favor. It also serves as a place for you to reiterate your skills and your interest in the position and to give additional information about yourself.


Three Ways to Send a Thank-you Note
  1. A typed letter using letterhead that matches your resume heading.
  2. A handwritten note using a professional notecard or thank-you card.
  3. An email.

Regardless of the method, send a thank-you note to each person you interviewed with. Try to get business cards for each person you talk with during the interview so you have their exact contact information. Otherwise, send it to the chair of the screening committee. 


Thank-you Note Format

Thank-you notes can take some thought to write. Considering following the format below:

  • Start with a statement of emotion – tell how excited you were to meet and learn more about the job or company.
  • Then comes the sincere thank you.
  • That is followed by a line about something you remember from the interview, and how that ties to your fit with the job or company.
Sample Thank-you Note

Dear (name),

I was so happy to meet with you and the other managers about the Accountant job! Thank you for inviting me and for taking the time to explain how important communications are within the company. I believe I’d be a great fit because of the skills I demonstrated at my internship and other jobs. Thank you again for the interview, and I look forward to talking with you again!

(my name)

Dear (name),

I was really excited to learn about the Social Worker job opening at (organization) as I strongly believe my community focus will fit with your mission. Thank you for inviting me to interview! Since (organization) is seeking someone with knowledge of the community, I believe I will be able to immediately and positively contribute if I am hired. I look forward to meeting with you again to further discuss the position.

Warm Regards,
(my name)

Dear (name),

It was great to meet you and talk about the Criminal Justice Internship at the County. I learned so much about County government during that hour! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and explain the internship process. I hope to work with you during the Spring Semester as one of the interns in the program!

Best Regards,
(your name)