Refunds and Overpayment


Tuition refunds are automatically granted to students who withdraw from classes during the published add/drop period. See Important Dates for summer, fall, and spring tuition refund policy dates.

Tuition refund policy information for George Williams College students only - fall/spring/summer:

  • 100% refund through the first class meeting.
  • Following the first class meeting, a tuition refund will be prorated up to 60% of the course meetings.
  • NO REFUND is provided following 60% of the course.

Students must officially withdraw from classes through Self-Service or the Office of the Registrar. Failing to attend class does not result in an automatic withdrawal. Please see Important Dates to determine eligibility for a tuition refund.

Students may appeal tuition charges by completing the Tuition Refund Appeal form and submitting this completed form with any required documentation to the Office of Student Accounts. Appeals are evaluated by the Tuition and Fees Appeal Committee, and a written decision will be provided to the student.

Withdrawing from classes prior to the completion of 60% of the term may result in the return of Title IV funds (federal financial aid). For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to discuss their financial status with a financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing from classes. Although a withdrawal may temporarily result in a credit balance, no refund will be issued until the account has been reviewed by a financial aid counselor. Click here for additional information on withdrawals and return of Title IV funds.

Incomplete Financial Aid Awards

Financial aid will only be credited to student account balances after the financial aid file is completed with the Office of Financial Aid. Students may check the status of their financial aid through Self Service.

Late payment charges will be added to account balances for which financial aid has not yet been posted by the published payment due/late fee application dates. Students are encouraged to pay their balances in full to avoid further charges. If posted financial aid results in an overpayment, a refund will be issued per the policy below.

Refund Policy

Students will be notified via Aurora University student email when their federal loan funds have been applied to their account. Refunds are generally disbursed within 14 days of application. Students are encouraged to check their account balances regularly.

Application and refund of Title IV funds will be handled in compliance with Department of Education regulations.

Information to note:

  • Students are encouraged to sign up for E-Refunds through the Online Student Account Center. If students do not sign up for an E-Refund, a check will be mailed to the address of record.
  • Refunds are generally available every Friday (unless Friday is an approved university holiday).
  • A student may request for their credit balance to remain on their account by completing the Hold Authorization form. This credit balance will be carried over until the end of the spring semester unless the student is not attending the spring semester. After that time, any remaining credit balance will be disbursed per student instructions on file.
  • Credit balances resulting from a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan will be issued to the parent in whose name the PLUS loan has been issued unless authorization to provide the credit balance to the student was selected when submitting the Federal Parent PLUS Loan application.
  • Aurora University uses email to university student email accounts as the official method of communication. Students are responsible for reading and responding to emails on a timely basis.
  • Click here for the Financial Responsibility Agreement for additional information.