Payment Options

Payment Options

Tuition Statements

All tuition statements are viewable on the Online Student Accounts Center, which can be accessed through Self-Service. Students may grant account access authorization to other users, such as parents, through their online student account. Students or authorized users may also schedule payments for future dates through this service.

Aurora University does not mail paper tuition statements. If you need a paper record, you may print your statement from the Online Student Accounts Center from your home computer or from the computer labs on campus.

Payments can be made online by ACH or credit card. You may mail or drop off payments by check, money order, cash, cashier’s check or credit card. We also accept credit card payments by phone (630-844-5470).

Approved Payment Plan Options

  • Interest-free Monthly Payment Option is available through the Online Student Accounts Center. This is accessed through the Self-Service for Students menu. Students may enroll in a monthly payment plan that will cover their balance due for each semester. The 5-month payment plan for Fall Semester begins August 15 and ends December 15. The 5-month payment plan for Spring Semester begins January 15 and ends May 15. The three month plan for Summer begins May 15 and ends July 15 with payments due by the 15th of every month. Payment plans will be automatically adjusted for any additional charges or credits to the student's account. Students enrolled in the monthly payment will be exempt from late fees and service charges as long as 1) payments are made on or before the payment due date, 2) payments are made in the amount of that month's installment, and 3) payment plan is established prior to the semester due date as shown on the Payment Agreement Form. Other terms of enrollment are as follows:

    • All students in good financial standing are eligible to participate in the Monthly Payment Plan for their out-of-pocket expenses. STUDENTS MUST ENROLL THEMSELVES EACH SEMESTER THROUGH THEIR ONLINE STUDENT CENTER.

    • Failure to make two or more payments will result in the cancellation of the monthly payment plan.

    • Delinquent payments may result in the denial of future participation in the monthly payment option.

    • Payments may be scheduled for automatic ACH transfer or credit card charge on the due date for each installment.

    • Grades, transcripts, and future registrations will be withheld for non-payment of tuition and other charges in accordance with University policies.

    • Graduate education cohort students should refer to their Payment Agreement Form for the specific terms of those monthly payment plans, including due dates.

  • Deferred Payment Option is available for students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer. Students are required to submit a completed form with a signature of their employer. The cost of participating in this plan is $10 per credit hour being deferred due at the time of application. The deferred plan fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    • Only courses listed and approved on the application will be deferred.

    • Applications received without payment will not be processed.

    • Tuition and fees must be paid in full within 45 days after the end date of the semester as listed on the course schedule regardless of whether the student has received payment from their employer. Late fees will be assessed for delinquent payment.

    • Delinquent payments will result in the denial of future participation in the Deferred Payment Option.

    • Applications and fees must be received prior to the semester due date in order to avoid late fees and service charges. All courses being deferred within any given semester MUST be deferred at the beginning of that semester regardless of individual course start date.

  • Sponsor Billing is available for students who have third-party billing through their employer or other organization. Invoice vouchers from the employer or other organization must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office by the due date for each semester. Aurora University will bill the sponsoring employer or other organization directly for the tuition and fees in accordance with the invoice voucher provided.

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  • AURORA UNIVERSITY NO LONGER MAILS PAPER BILLING STATEMENTS. All statements are presented electronically through the Online Student Accounts Center. This is accessed through the Self-Service "Make a Payment/View e-Bill" option. Students may also set up Authorized Users, such as parents or other third party. Students and Authorized Users will receive email notifications when statements have been posted. The only requirement for an Authorized User is that they have a valid email address. Students log in using their AU Self-Service/email user name and password.

    • Fall Semester statements are generated mid-July. Spring Semester statements are generated the beginning of December.

    • Changes in registration, room and board, or completion of Financial Aid after the generation of the initial statement do not necessarily create a new billing statement. Students should either check their account balance through their Online Student Accounts Center (select recent activity), or contact the Student Accounts office to request an updated billing statement.

    • Late changes that occur just prior to or immediately after the beginning of semester may not allow time for the generation of an updated statement prior to the semester due date. The due date does not change based on the date of registration.

    • Changes in registration or room and board that occur after the due date and generate an additional charge are due immediately upon incurring the charge.

    • Students who complete their Financial Aid after the generation of the initial statement should use their Financial Aid award letter to estimate the amount due to the University. This estimated amount should be paid by the due date if time does not allow for a revised statement to be generated.

  • The University considers the student's account to be the responsibility of the student. Statements will be generated to all students on a monthly basis and can be accessed through the student's Self-Service Account. Students may also grant account access to Authorized Users, such as parents. Students and authorized users will receive an email notification when a new statement has been posted. If a student desires that the statement be sent to another party, they may print a copy of their online e-bill and mail it to whomever they desire. In the event a student needs a paper statement from the Student Accounts Office, one may be requested at any time.

  • Payment must be received by the published due date in order to avoid late fee and service charge assessment regardless of whether or not a statement is viewed. Students and authorized users are encouraged to use the secure Online Student Account Center to make their payments. Students and authorized users may access this service through Self-Service. Simply click on the "Make a Payment/View E-Bill" Option. This service is available on a 24/7 basis. This service will allow payers to schedule payments for future dates.


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