Upward Mobility Program

Aurora University is proud to support students participating in the Upward Mobility program. This page is a resource to assist students with the process by which Upward Mobility grants are applied to student accounts. Questions regarding program eligibility or voucher status should be directed to the Upward Mobility program.

Students participating in the Upward Mobility program must submit certain documents to their Upward Mobility counselor evidencing enrollment and course registrations to receive a grant voucher from the program. Please follow this link to download detailed instructions for obtaining the documentation required for program benefits.

Upward Mobility awards are applied to student accounts upon the receipt of vouchers provided by the student from the Upward Mobility program.

Students may apply for vouchers once registration for a future term is complete. This can and should be done before the start of the term for which students are applying for benefits. It is highly recommended that students apply for benefits for the entire term well before the beginning of the applicable semester to ensure vouchers are received prior to tuition due dates.

Failure to request vouchers timely can result in the application of late fees.

Below are a few helpful reminders when using Upward Mobility awards:

  • The Upward Mobility program sends vouchers directly to students, not the university. Students are responsible for submitting their vouchers to Student Accounts at student.accts@aurora.edu.
  • Upward Mobility grants are processed through the Office of Financial Aid. Once the voucher is validated, it will be applied as financial aid and reflected as a credit on student bills.
  • Students are responsible for applying for Upward Mobility benefits timely so that vouchers are received prior to the application of late fees. Do not wait to submit vouchers for future Module 2 courses.
  • Upward Mobility awards may not cover all charges. Students are financially responsible for any remaining balances after Upward Mobility benefits are applied. Payments are due per the Aurora University calendar of important dates. Past due balances are subject to late fees.
  • For additional assistance, please contact Student Accounts at 630-844-5470 or student.accts@aurora.edu.