Aurora University


Aurora, GWC, and Woodstock Campuses: 2019-2020

Undergraduate Tuition
Full-Time (12-17 Credit Hours) $12,400 per semester
Part-Time (1-11 Credit Hours) $710 per credit hour
Over 17 Credit Hours $585 per credit hour
Summer 2019 $570 per credit hour
Adult Degree Completion $425 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition
Graduate Students At Large $600 per credit hour
Graduate Plus 1 $9,800 9+ hours
MBA, MSA, and MPA Programs $695 per credit hour
Graduate Education Programs $485 per credit hour
MS in Math $520 per credit hour
MSW Program $600 per credit hour
MS in ABA $650 per credit hour
Doctoral (EdD) $630 per credit hour
Doctoral (DSW) $750 per credit hour


  • Rates may differ for certain off-campus and cohort programs. Please consult the appropriate program director or consult information provided for that particular program.
  • Certain courses may incur lab fees, clinical fees, testing fees, or practicum fees. Please consult the course bulletin for individual course fee information.
  • Tuition and fees subject to change without prior notification.
  • Not all programs are offered at all locations.