Emergency and After-Hours Care


Regardless of whether Health Services is open or closed...

  • For on-campus medical emergencies, call 9-1-1 to illicit Emergency Medical Services. After speaking with 9-1-1 operator contact Campus Safety at "555" from any campus phone or "630-844-5450" from a cell phone. This will summon immediate assistance from Campus Safety while awaiting arrival of Emergency Medical providers.
  • For off-campus medical emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Be prepared

Medical emergencies can happen anytime and any place. However the following are a few things you can do before an emergency arises:

  • Enter the telephone number for Campus Safety into your cell phone now. That number is 630-844-5450". Use this number for on-campus emergencies.
  • Consider wearing a medical alert bracelet if you have a medical condition that could result in unconsciousness, and consider telling your roommate, friends and instructors about your medical condition and what to do should you need immediate assistance and cannot help yourself.
  • If you have a life-threatening allergy, be sure to talk with your primary care physician about the need to carry an epinephrine injector pen with you at all times.

Afterhours Care

If you are in need of non-emergency medical care and Health Services is closed there are several off-campus urgent/immediate care centers available. Urgent/immediate care centers specialize in treating patients with minor illness and injuries such as cuts, sprains, simple fractures, flu-like symptoms, earaches, fever and minor burns. Click here to see a list of urgent/immediate care centers within 30 minutes or less from Aurora University.

If an urgent/immediate care center is closed or your illness/injury requires an emergency room visit there are a number of hospitals located near Aurora University. Click here to see a list of contact information for local hospitals.


  • Be sure to take your insurance card with you whenever you access off-campus medical care
  • For urgent/immediate care visits call in advance to check wait times
  • You may also consider calling your medical insurance provider before seeking care to inquire about coverage and in-network providers within the Aurora area.
  • Be prepared and bring a list of any medications, vitamins, or supplements (including dosages) that you may be taking.
  • Each student is responsible for fees incurred for medical care received outside of Health Services