Music (BA, Minor)

Why study Music?

Music is an extraordinary intellectual discipline that combines creativity, technique, historical awareness, and a fascinating perpetual investigation of the human condition. It takes focus, ambition, and commitment. With a major in Music, you will use your passion to express yourself artistically, learn to focus through individual practice, and become part of a team through extraordinary ensembles.

A Music degree will allow you to pursue such career paths as performing, teaching, publishing, and conducting. The skillset you will gain through the program will also prepare you for numerous careers outside of the arts. You can also still be involved in music without devoting your major to it, through applied lessons, courses, and ensembles.

Why study Music at AU?

As an Aurora University Music major, you will pursue excellence in either voice or keyboard, where both piano and organ are offered. Performance, both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble, is at the core of the Music major. You will focus on your own development in private instruction, while also discovering the specific needs of performing in a group.

The AU Music Department faculty is committed to providing you with solid academic scholarship and continuing opportunities to learn about and appreciate the many facets that music presents as a discipline.

AU’s in-depth program will help you explore and develop a foundational core that combines a liberal arts curriculum alongside the study of music history, music theory, and performance. Through the guidance and mentorship of nationally and internationally accomplished professors, you’ll hone your skills through sustained, comprehensive musical training and build an experience base from the moment you step on campus.

As an AU Music major, you will:

  • Discover your passion within the field of music and utilize the skills you develop to define your career path as well as pursue graduate-level academic studies.
  • Learn to communicate and connect with people and audiences of all sizes.
  • Develop skills that will help make you competitive in the challenging job market.
  • Refine your time management skills and personal discipline.

You can expand your career opportunities with a double major. If you are interested in arts management, you can choose to double major in Business Administration. Other popular pairings for students who want to pursue arts journalism are Music and Communication or Music and English. Music and Criminal Justice also pair well for a career dedicated to helping rehabilitate the prison population. And even with a second major, you'll still be able to graduate in four years.

The Music Department welcomes all majors to be involved in the program. 

AU Band rehearsal
AU Band rehearsal
University Chorale on tour in Ireland
University Chorale on tour in Ireland
Applied piano lesson
Applied piano lesson
Classical Guitar Student
Classical Guitar Student
University Chorale in rehearsal
University Chorale in rehearsal
AU Band
AU Band
Choir on tour at Iowa Figge Art Museum
Choir on tour at Iowa Figge Art Museum
Flute Ensemble
Flute Ensemble
Choir members
Choir members
Opera workshop
Opera workshop
Curriculum Highlights
  • Conducting
  • Diction for singers
  • Ensembles
  • Music theory and aural skills
  • Pedagogy in your area
  • Private Instruction music history
  • Repertoire courses
Campus Opportunities
  • Aurora Singers
  • Aurora University Band
  • Aurora University Chorale
  • Aurora University Opera
  • Aurora University String Ensemble
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Musical theatre productions
  • SpartanCor
  • Student-led ensembles
AU has allowed me to combine my two loves, English and music. I knew I wanted to major in English when I reenrolled, yet I couldn’t help but be pulled into the music major because of the supportive arts environment. Alyssa Gibbas ’19, English and Music Double Major
In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words: Lisa Fredenburgh, Parolini Distinguished Professor of Music, on training artists for a lifetime of music

Our teachers are very accomplished musicians and have fabulous experience to impart on students. Being so close to Chicago provides students with many opportunities to perform. They have a foundation to build upon for the rest of their lives.

The music program at AU gave me the opportunities and experience to prepare for my master's degree, and start my career in teaching and accompanying. Andrew Maya '16, Collaborative pianist and private instructor
Experiential learning

Experiential learning

Music majors perform throughout the academic year as soloists, members of ensembles, as singers, actors, and sometimes even as conductors. Each year the choirs sing in a collaborative concert with full orchestra. The senior solo recital is the capstone of the Music major.

Career possibilities

  • Collaborative pianist
  • Community development assistant
  • Conductor
  • Music editor
  • Music journalist
  • Music librarian
  • Music store owner
  • Performer
  • Private music teacher
  • Stage manager
  • Worship music leader/director

Career options with additional education or experience

  • Acoustician
  • Artist manager
  • Arts administrator
  • Composer
  • Music attorney
  • Music educator
  • Music software programmer
  • Music therapist
  • Recording engineer