Aurora University

Criminal Justice (BA, Minor)

Why study Criminal Justice?

Studying Criminal Justice prepares you for a career making a difference in the lives of others.

Why study Criminal Justice at AU?

Our program is tied directly to the safety and quality of life in our surrounding community. Gain direct professional experience as a result.

The AU curriculum is constantly evolving, so it is as timely as possible. Our Criminal Justice major is also highly flexible and can be customized to your interests.

Criminal Justice students often double major. The most common example is to double major in Psychology, giving you a better understanding of human behavior. This will also give you an advantage in your career.

The BA in Criminal Justice degree is offered at the main campus. Additionally, a transfer program is offered online.

You can major or minor in this field of study.

Curriculum Highlights

    • Administration of criminal justice agencies
    • Constitutional law
    • Correctional services
    • Criminal justice system
    • Criminology
    • Cybercrime investigations
    • Emergency management
    • Forensic science
    • Homeland security
    • International crime and justice
    • Juvenile justice
    • Organized crime
    • Probation and parole
    • Security leadership
    • Terrorism and counterterrorism
Experiential learning

Experiential learning

All Criminal Justice majors are encouraged to participate in an internship. Often, these internships take place at police departments, private security agencies, probation departments and sheriff’s offices.

Career opportunities

  • Cybercrime investigator
  • Federal law enforcement agent
  • Homeland security professional
  • Military officer
  • Probation or parole officer
  • State or local police officer

Prepare for your future

A Criminal Justice degree will equip you with the skills employers value most: communicating your ideas, analyzing a problem, and working with others to find a solution. In a job market that’s evolving faster than ever, you'll have the knowledge and tools to succeed in a variety of fields.