Aurora University

How to register with the Disability Resource Office

Upon admission to the university, students seeking environmental and/or academic adaptations must contact the disability office to begin the collaboration process to meet the common goal of access. Each request for accommodation will be assessed individually, based on relevant circumstances and factors. It is the responsibility of the individual seeking an accommodation to identify the disability and to provide documentation of the disability at his/her own expense in accordance with our documentation requirements.

Step 1

Complete an Accommodation Request form.

Step 2

Submit the Verification of Disability Form from a licensed practitioner in a field related to the diagnosed disability. Other documentation may be considered in lieu of this form, please review the Documentation Guides.

Step 3

Completed forms and documentation should be returned to the Disability Resource Office.

Confidential fax: 630-844-3688
Via email:

Mailing address:
Aurora University - Disability Resource Office
347 S. Gladstone, Aurora, IL 60506

Step 4

The Disability Resource Office will contact the student to schedule an appointment for the accommodations request meeting within 3 weeks after receiving all completed forms and documentation.

Step 5

 Attend the required accommodations registration meeting to determine reasonable adaptations and accommodation to ensure “access” to learning environment. Additional documentation may be requested at this step, and/or discussion with faculty or administration may be warranted. This required meeting will include a review of the student’s course schedule, outlining use of services, communication expectations with faculty, how to use testing services and other campus resources.

Step 6

A letter is sent from the Disability Resource Office to the student’s current instructors. Students are required to talk with their instructors about the accommodation expectations as each class is unique.

Accommodation Renewal

Students must renew their accommodations each semester. The Disability Coordinator will email students with a list of questions regarding their accommodations. Students must respond to the email or speak with the Coordinator in person to renew. New documentation is not required unless the student is requesting additional accommodations not supported by current documentation on file.