Housing Accommodations

The Disability Resource Office (DRO) supports students with documented disabilities to address barriers to access on campus. Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations must complete the DRO's 3-step registration process. Housing accommodation requests, including emotional support animal (ESA) requests, will be accepted for review at any time. However, to provide the University with the greatest opportunity to implement housing accommodations, students should consider the below deadlines by request type. Implementation of accommodated housing spaces is subject to availability in on-campus housing.

Please note that request forms are processed in the order they are received, and the process can take several weeks to complete. 

Students making new requests for housing accommodations must complete the DRO Registration process, including participating in an Access Meeting, by the following relevant date: 

  • New students – June 1
  • Returning students – February 1
Returning students wishing to utilize previously approved housing accommodations must submit their housing application by the priority housing deadline in February
Returning students who wish to modify their previously approved housing accommodations must meet with the DRO by February 1 to discuss their request.


For questions about accommodations, email the DRO at disabilityresources@aurora.edu or call 630-844-5782. For questions about on-campus housing, email the Office of Campus Life at reslife@aurora.edu or call 630-844-7881.