A-Book Student Handbook

Download the current version of the A-Book as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.

This Handbook serves to familiarize all undergraduate and graduate students with Aurora University's services and policies. Some departments may have an additional handbook pertinent to their programs of study. These are your resource guides, and you should find them helpful as you become involved in student life at Aurora.

The policies and procedures in the Handbook are designed to promote fairness and will be adhered to as faithfully as possible. While the Handbook is comprehensive and applicable to all students, the Handbook is not a contract between the University and its students. It is not written with the specificity of a criminal statute, and it is not an exhaustive attempt to codify every possible type of problematic behavior. If circumstances dictate variation from the policies and procedures described in the Handbook, the variation will not invalidate a decision unless a student has been subjected to arbitrary or capricious conduct on the part of the University.

This Handbook may be altered by the University at any time without notice, and students are urged to contact the Dean of Students to ensure that they have obtained the latest version of the Handbook.