Aurora University

Resident Assistants

How do I become a Resident Assistant (R.A.)?

We are pleased that you are considering a Resident Assistant position. The RA job is an exciting learning experience and a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills. You will find information about the RA position and application materials on SpartanNet.

There are some things for you to consider as you think about completing your application. First, here are a few items to know about the position:

  • This is a great leadership opportunity for you to grow and enhance your leadership skills;
  • We pride ourselves on supporting the following: you are a student first, a staff member second, and other things third;
  • We can promise that this position will be challenging and very rewarding to you, if you let it;
  • Some tasks in this position will challenge you and cause you to grow in ways you can not even imagine;
  • The most successful staff members find that the more they put into the job, especially in the beginning of the year, the more they and their floor get out of it;
  • In most cases, the floor takes on the personality of its RA;
  • There are no other jobs that we know about where you get to live right next door to your successes (and your challenges) for an entire academic year.

As you are considering a position and responding to the items on the application, feel free to talk with an RA, or another Residence Life staff member, in order to have all of your questions answered. We invite you to attend one of the information sessions. Make sure that you have a good understanding of the responsibilities and all of the benefits of the position. Think about what you hope to gain from the position and how we can help you to accomplish your goals.

Please remember as you go through the process that we do not expect you to know everything that there is to know about Residence Life. We have staff training to help with this. What you do need to know is that we are looking for people who care about others, who want to work hard, and who are committed to helping make students' experiences at Aurora University positive.

Please visit SpartanNet and feel free to contact any Residence Hall Director with questions.