Online Resources

We asked students in the MST-2300: Museum Education class to scour the web in search of the most engaging online resources so that we could share them with you. Check them out below:



Sue the T. Rex Tours

The Field Museum, based in Chicago, offers several virtual tours of SUE, their T. Rex skeleton. Each virtual tour will allow participants to learn facts about SUE’s story, with a fun seasonal theme built into each tour.

Meditation and Mindfulness

It’s important now more than ever to take a minute (or 30!) to relax through guided meditation. The National Museum of Asian Art offers virtual meditation sessions that are designed around artwork from their own collection.

Museum of Science at Home #MOSatHome

What’s better than a daily panel of experts teaching your kids about their area of expertise? That’s right, nothing! Topics range from the brain, to outer space, to reptiles! Miss a daily LIVE stream? Not a problem. All streams are available to watch after the fact on the Museum of Science’s YouTube channel!

 Museum of Science on YouTube:

Americans at the National Museum of the American Indian

"American Indian images are everywhere, from the Land O’Lakes butter maiden to the Cleveland Indians’ mascot, and from classic Westerns and cartoons to episodes of Seinfeld and South Park. American Indian names are everywhere too, from state, city, and street names to the Tomahawk missile. And familiar historical events such as Pocahontas’s life, the Trail of Tears, and the Battle of Little Bighorn remain popular reference points in everyday conversation.

Americans, a major exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, highlights the ways in which American Indians have been part of the nation’s identity since before the country began. It delves into the three stories, surrounds visitors with images, and invites them to begin a conversation about why this phenomenon exists.

Pervasive, powerful, at times demeaning, the images, names, and stories reveal the deep connection between Americans and American Indians as well as how Indians have been embedded in unexpected ways in the history, pop culture, and identity of the United States."

100 Ways to Play

100 Ways to Play is an activity list compiled by the Boston Children's Museum. The list contains 100 activities for kids, such as crafts, reading games, and other fun ways to play.