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Student Displaying Art Piece
Students Working on Art Project
Student Displaying Art Piece
Students Displaying Art Pieces

Museum Tours

  • Guided Tours - Available Monday through Friday by request. Please allow up to an hour for a tour. To ensure availability, we recommend that tours be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  • Participants - Groups of 25 or less can be accommodated in our new open floor plan galleries.
  • Facilities - We do not have lunch facilities, but there are a number of affordable eateries conveniently located on Galena Boulevard and Orchard Road.
  • Cost - FREE! There is a suggested donation of $5 per person.
  • Parking - Parking is free but limited due to the high volume of students, faculty, and staff on campus. Visitors to the museum may park in the university's parking garage. We recommend carpooling if possible.

To book a tour, please contact us at or at (630) 844-7843.


Activities for AU Students



Traveling Exhibit

The traveling exhibit includes two boxes of model Native American dwellings.

Each box contains five incredibly detailed, life-like dwellings created by a professional exhibit designer. Included in the first dwelling box are a Wigwam (NE), a Chickee (SE), a Pueblo (SW), an Earth Lodge (Plateau, Great Basin), and a Plank House (NW Coast). Included in the second dwelling box are a Longhouse (NE Woodlands), an Igloo (Artic), a Tipi (Plains), a Hogan (SW) and a Wikiup (SE Woodlands).

Some of the dwellings have removable roofs that reveal a highly detailed interior. Each dwelling also comes with a free-standing background which places it in its natural setting.

Cost is $50.00 per box. The rental period is one month or 4 weeks.

To reserve this traveling exhibit, please contact us at

NOTE: Renters are responsible for picking up the traveling exhibit and returning it. Pick-ups and returns can only be scheduled during the week (M, W-F 10am-4pm; T 10am-7pm). Staff is unavailable on the weekends.


Exhibits and Public Programming

Watch the local press or sign up for our mailing list to learn about our exhibits and public programs. Speakers, demonstrations and informal discussions are a regular part of our offerings. We'd also be interested in providing a meeting place for groups with similar interests.

Click here to see upcoming exhibits and programming.