Field Experience Applications

Field Experience Application Due Dates

Application Due Dates–Fall 2024
November 15, 2023

Application Due Dates–Spring 2025
January 30, 2024

While you are completing your education degree, you will complete a variety of courses that provide hands-on experience in the classroom. Real-life field experiences are a valuable part of your education degree and give you the opportunity to work with students in the classroom. Prior to enrolling in courses with field experiences, certain prerequisites and applications must be completed.

Students may not seek their own placements.Please follow all instructions provided below in applying for your field experience placement(s).

Preparing for your Field Experiences

  • Apply for admission to the School of Education. All of the required materials for entry into the School of Education are found in candidate Tevera accounts. Click on “My Site Placements” and click “Initial Admittance”. All necessary documents/forms are to be completed and submitted through the Tevera platform.

In order to be eligible for a field experience, students must:

  • Meet all GPA and course prerequisite requirements of your program before the semester of your placement. Speak with your advisor for more information.
  • Submit required field experience application materials by above posted due dates. All applications are available in student Tevera accounts. Click “My site placements”, and then click the Methods or Student Teaching tab (depending on the type of experience requested). Select the correct form for your program, major, and desired placement type.
  • All student teachers must complete physical/TB assessment within 90 days of placement. Check Moodle “Professional Educator Initial Licensure Program: General Placements and Field Experiences Information Board” for further information.
  • Student Teachers are required to pass state tests during the semester before student teaching.
  • All field experience candidates complete DCFS Mandated Reporter Training online prior to beginning their placement.
  • Some districts may have additional requirements. Students needing to meet these additional requirements will be notified through their Aurora University email. The student may incur extra costs.
  • All placements must be in a 30 mile radius of Aurora University. Placements can be up to a 1 hour commute from the Aurora University campus.
  • Your application for a field experience does not enroll you in the associated course(s). Enroll/register using the procedure for your program.

Field Experience Applications (by major)

All applications for field experiences can be found within candidate Tevera accounts.