Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

In December of 2020, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) informed the College of Education at Aurora University that the governor had extended the COVID19 Disaster Proclamation past December 31, 2021. ISBE has waived EdTPA for candidates completing the program through Spring 2022. You will not need to pass this assessment to earn your initial license. The waiver is valid for Illinois. If you plan to move to a state that requires edTPA for licensure, you might want to call that state board of education and ask if they will accept Illinois' edTPA waiver.

Since the EdTPA is a program requirement in the School of Education/Social Work, students will be prepared in their courses to complete a modified edTPA during student teaching seminar. In addition, all students enrolled in EDU classes, will receive instruction and preparation for EdTPA. Teacher candidates who will be student teaching in Fall of 2022, will be notified in early August of the ISBE’s requirement for EdTPA.

When the waiver for EdTPA is lifted by ISBE, the following information will apply.

edTPA (educational Teacher Performance Assessment) is a national performance- based assessment currently being implemented in 33 States and Washington, D.C. The edTPA was developed by faculty and Staff at Standford University in partnership with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). edTPA is modeled after the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ assessments of accomplished veteran teachers, but it is designed for candidates seeking initial licensure.