edTPA Information for Cooperating Teachers

How will edTPA affect my classroom?

Starting in fall 2015, student teachers will be completing an edTPA in order to obtain licensure in the state of Illinois. As one component of edTPA student teachers will complete an Instruction Task, which involves a video of teaching and learning in the classroom.

How will student teachers get permission to videotape in my classroom?

Student teachers will obtain written consent with a release form before recording in the classroom. This will be provided to students to take home for parent or guardian signatures in the first week of Student Teaching. Here is a sample of the permission slip (DOCX).

What will we do with students who do not give video consent?

All students will receive the same instruction during Student Teaching, the only difference being that those who do not return a release form will be placed in seats out of view from the Instruction Task video.

When will videotaping begin?

Student teachers will be required to videotape 3 to 5 lessons showing their instruction and student learning. This will typically occur in the fourth week of their first Student Teaching placement.

What resources are available to me?

For additional resources to support your teacher candidate through edTPA, please visit www.edtpa.aacte.org. You will be prompted to enter your school district email address which will generate a request to Aurora University. This process takes 48 to 72 hours. Also, please see the attached document on Appropriate Guidelines for Supports (PDF) during the edTPA process.