Support the Wackerlin Center

The Wackerlin Center is ensuring that faith and service remain an essential part of campus life, just as they were for AU's founders. Whether students are questioning their beliefs, seeking to understand other faiths, or hoping to make a difference in the community, the center is there to lend support.

You can make a gift that supports the Wackerlin Center through:

  • General annual or endowment support, ensuring that adequate resources are available for the ongoing growth of the center.
  • Designated support to advance campus ministry programming on campus.
  • Undergraduate scholarships to assist deserving students who participate in Wackerlin or servant leadership programs.
  • Providing a gift in support of a wide range of student service projects.
  • Support of personal and professional renewal opportunities for students, lay leaders, ministers, and professionals seeking to enrich their spiritual journeys or learn how to apply servant leadership in their organizations.
  • Establishment of endowments to fund a named chaplaincy, professorship, chair, or program.
  • Stocking Libby's Place to assist students in need of food and personal hygiene products. 


Justin West
Executive Director of the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action/Chief Diversity Officer
Aurora University