Chaplain's Office

The University Chaplain is here to help students grow in their faith and take part in experiences that will help them cultivate their beliefs as well as see and value the perspectives of other spiritual traditions. The chaplain offers the following:

Faith-based Student Organizations

The chaplain advises and oversees AU's faith-based student organizations, including:

Campus Worship Services

Throughout the year, our chaplain presides over numerous worship services in our on-campus chapel, Lowry Chapel. Worship services are held monthly in Lowry Chapel.

Pastoral Care

Our chaplain is available to all students, faculty, and staff who might find it helpful to meet when needing emotional or spiritual support. Situations may include:

  • When making a difficult decision
  • When feeling lonely, disconnected, or confused
  • When facing a crisis
  • Wanting to explore meditation, prayer, or silence
  • Wanting to explore a relational or vocational path

Prayer Requests

For more than 125 years, AU faculty, staff, students, and alumni have joined together in prayer, whether during chapel service, at Convocation or Commencement, during the Alumni Service of Remembrance, or during student organization meetings. Prayer can lessen burdens, increase joy, offer comfort, and provide solace.

Contact Information

Mark Woolfington, University Chaplain
Eckhart Hall Room 302A