Aurora University

Mathematics (BS)

Why study mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of patterns. Do you like working with numbers, abstract thinking and reasoning? If so, mathematics is the field for you.

Why study mathematics at AU?

The mathematics program offers three distinct tracks: pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics (including data analytics).

Curriculum Highlights

    • Biostatistics
    • Calculus
    • Data structures
    • Discrete mathematics
    • Geometry
    • Probability
  • Mathematics is a common half of a double major, combining easily with computer science, accounting, business administration, secondary education, or any other major that meets your interests and career goals.

Career opportunities

  • Actuary
  • Computer scientist
  • High school mathematics teacher
  • Market researcher
  • Risk analyst
  • Statistician
  • Systems engineer

Get hired by the best

  • Alcatel/Lucent
  • Allstate
  • Nokia
  • State Farm