Aurora University

Dwellings Boxes

Dwellings (Grades 3 to 6)

Each Dwelling box contains five incredibly detailed, life-like dewllings created by a professional exhibit designer. Included in the first dwelling box are a Wigwam (NE), a Chickee (SE), a Pueblo (SW), an Earth Lodge (Plateau, Great Basin), and a Plank House (NW Coast). Included in the second dwelling box are a Longhouse (NE Woodlands), an Igloo (Artic), a Tipi (Plains), a Hogan (SW) and a Wikiup (SE Woodlands). Some of the dwellings have removable roofs that reveal a highly detailed interior. Each dwelling also comes with a free-standing background which places it in its natural setting. The series Native Dwellings of North America, with an extensive teacher resource kit designed to complement the books, is included. The books and dwellings will help students to better appreciate the diversity of Native peoples’ lives and the richness of their cultures. Cost: $25.00