Pathways for Students with Autism


AU is welcoming the inaugural class of college freshmen and transfer students into the Pathways program for the 2022-2023 academic year. As of August 2022, AU will begin accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Welcome to Aurora University’s Pathways program for college students with autism. Pathways is a multi-faceted program designed to help autistic students reach their potential in their studies and in their careers.

We understand that high school students on the autism spectrum have a pressing need for services in order to attend and succeed in college. Our hope is that Pathways will fill that gap, providing the bridges students need to make the transitions from high school to college and from college to a career.

Are you ready to apply to college? Visit Pathways Collegiate Program to learn about how AU is supporting students with autism as they enroll in AU and earn their degree.

Are you in high school or a recent high school graduate interested in attending college in the future? Learn more about AU’s Pre-College Pathways programs including summer camps and activities on campus throughout the year.

For more information on Pathways programs, please email


Perspectives on Autism

Watch the video as recent graduates with autism share what they are most proud of during a panel about what neurodiversity in a college setting and in the workplace means to them. Click here to view the full panel.