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Marco Antonio Olivera
April 5, 2023

Olivera returned to his hometown to serve as a mentor in Beloit College’s Help Yourself Program, which helps prepare low-income, first-generation minority students go to college. How did you secure your internship? I learned about my internship opportunity because I participated in the...

healthcare professionals in the field
March 24, 2023

If you are interested in healthcare — in understanding how the body works and learning about ways to help people who are sick or injured — there are many career paths to consider beyond becoming a doctor.  We need doctors, of course. What would we do without...

Angie Lopez
March 17, 2023

While interning for the environmental underwriting team at Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Lopez was exposed to new career possibilities and gained a better understanding of what she can do with her majors. How did your internship help you discover career possibilities for your major? My...

Students working with alumni mentor
February 24, 2023

At Aurora University, an important part of a student’s journey is to prepare for life after AU. One way AU prepares students for success is by connecting current students with alumni to talk about careers, networking, and the day-to-day reality of the working world. AU’s...

Darryl Harris
December 7, 2022

While interning as a sourcing recruiter for technical sales at Amazon Web Services, Harris realized the career path he wanted to take with his psychology degree. How did your internship influence your career path? Internships are a low-risk route to see if you actually like a career or not....