Gain real-world experience through internships

June 01, 2023

Courtney Rickard

Rickard spent summer 2022 interning for Orange County Coastkeeper, a nonprofit, clean-water organization in Southern California.

What did you do?

I worked as a marine restoration intern and helped facilitate our “living shorelines” project. We created an eelgrass and oyster bed combination designed to slow erosion and filter the dirty rainwater that runs off coastal cities. 

How did you benefit from your internship?

I gained real-life experience which is very important as a Biology and Environmental Studies and Sustainability double major because both have many career opportunities to explore.

Any advice for students looking to complete an internship?

Just start by getting your name out there! I got my internship by stepping out of my comfort zone and networking with others at an offshore oil rig drilling protest at Huntington State Beach Park in Orange County, California. Once you have an internship, you will get out of it what you put into it. Employers will notice if you go the extra mile and will reward you with work you are interested in.