Build your network and resume with an internship

May 04, 2023

McKyley Cherry

Cherry completed a remote software engineering internship with Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, serving as a back-end developer.

How did your internship help prepare you for your future?

Interning allowed me to test drive a potential career path, connect with industry professionals, learn about the company’s culture, and make new friends with similar interests as me. I’m extremely appreciative of the time spent interning at Avanade and am grateful for all the wonderful connections I made along the way. I received hands-on learning about software consulting and gained experience working with enterprise technology and code. I also made lifelong friendships with fellow interns from around the world.

What qualities are beneficial to have as an intern?

It’s very important to be self-motivated and have a passion for lifelong learning. One thing my recruiter and interviewers liked most about my background was my eagerness to learn more, especially because it aligned with one of the company’s values: “Be willing to learn more than what is required or presented to you. Explore more and continue to be curious.”

Any advice for students applying to internships?

Apply to as many internship opportunities as you can, and don’t underestimate yourself. Make sure to build a resume that you’re proud of and try to add things that differentiate you from the rest of the candidate pool. This could be something as simple as including passion projects, clubs, and activities you’re a part of, or your general interests. Keep in mind, employers would like to see what you enjoy doing outside of academia and work, too.

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