Aurora University


Teaching teaching class

As part of the Pathways Collegiate Program, students attend regular seminars to equip them with the skills to succeed in college and their early careers.

College Living Skills

Freshmen, returning sophomores, and first-year transfer students will spend 90 minutes each week in a seminar devoted to teaching, modeling, and practicing social, emotional, and executive function skills. 

The first half of the seminar will focus on understanding and practicing the covert rules and social norms of navigating college life. The second half of the seminar will be devoted to answering students’ questions, managing materials, reviewing progress and expectations in classes, setting goals, making long-term plans for assignments, and other logistical needs.

Career Skills

Returning juniors, seniors, and transfer students who have already participated in at least one year of the Pathways Collegiate Program will spend 90 minutes every two weeks in a seminar focused on career skills and the transition to post-college life.

Students will learn how to seek employment and will receive support in navigating any issues in their current jobs.

During these seminars, students will participate in career workshops and practice job-seeking and interview skills with AU Pathways staff and outside employers. For juniors, the seminars will be coordinated with AU’s Junior Mentoring program.