Aurora University

Career Exploration Experience


Students in the Pathways Collegiate Program will research their field of study from a career-based perspective. They will work on building their resumes and portfolios, have multiple opportunities for mock interviews, and connect with experts from their future career fields. Students will spend two years learning valuable career skills through supported research of their career as well as shadowing mentors and practicing professional social skills. Students may participate in internships or paid work experiences as part of this program, depending on availability at the mentor’s workplace.

Project Presentation

The Career Exploration Experience will culminate with a project presentation based on the student's major or field of interest at the end of their senior year. This project is beneficial not only as a real-time experience, but also as students build and present their resume to potential employers.

The mode of presentation will be relevant to the mentor experience. Some examples include:

  • Research project
  • Portfolio of work
  • An interview of multiple field site colleagues
  • Reflective paper on the work or internship experience
  • Marketing materials to promote a specific job or career

Ongoing Career Guidance

We will support students in a variety of ways as they look for their first job.

  • Students will create their own skills and strengths profile to help determine a desirable and realistic career.
  • Pathways staff will help students research volunteer, intern, or part-time job opportunities to build work experience while they are an AU student.
  • We will help students develop their resume, write their cover letters, and develop their portfolio.
  • Students will have opportunities to attend career fairs and workshops.
  • Workforce recruiters specific to individuals with autism will help students with your job search.