Aurora University


Chih-Chiun (C.J.) Chen
Chih-Chiun (C.J.) Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Health Science, Pre-Medical Professionals Advisor Office Phone: 630-844-7560
Email: Areas of expertise: Anatomy and physiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, health professions Education:

PhD, Molecular Genetics, The University of Illinois at Chicago
MS, Biochemistry, National Yangming University in Taiwan
BS, Human Nutrition, Fujen Catholic University in Taiwan

Jane Davis
Jane Davis, DVM

Professor of Biology, Chair of Human-Animal Studies Department Office Phone: 630-844-4579
Email: Areas of expertise: Anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, public health, human-animal studies, veterinary sciences and medicine Education:

DVM, University of Illinois
MS, Veterinary Biosciences, University of Illinois
BS, University of Illinois

Favorite thing about AU: "Here, interdisciplinary isn’t just a concept; it is the way we work together for student success."

Mariem Hathout, MD, MPH
Mariem Hathout, MD, MPH

Senior Lecturer of Health Science Office Phone: 630-844-5432
Email: Areas of expertise: Medicine, public health, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, nutrition and health Education:

MD, University Mohamed V at Rabat, Morocco
MPH, Benedictine University, Illinois
Favorite thing about AU: "Student-centered learning and high-quality academics."

Ruby Kaur
Ruby Kaur, EdD

Assistant Professor of Health Science Office Phone: 630-844-5136
Email: Areas of expertise: Anatomy, physiology, and biology Education: EdD, Adult Learning, Aurora University, Aurora, IL
MPT, Physical Therapy, Governors State University, University Park, IL
MS, Biology and Physiology, Punjabi University, Patiala, Pb, India
BA, Education, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India
BS, Biology and Chemistry, Government Ranbir College, Sangrur, Pb, India Favorite thing about AU: "The collaborative and mentoring environment created by the top administration and individual departments to welcome and apply innovative ideas for student success. Other factors include a friendly and caring atmosphere where everyone seems to be eager to help and support in a timely manner. It is amazing to see enthusiasm and motivated colleagues all around who foster a sense of serious responsibility towards the institution, and most important, to the student body."

Jay Shahed, MD, MBA
Jay Shahed, MD, MBA

Senior Lecturer of Health Science Office Phone: 630-844-6188
Email: Areas of expertise: Occupational medicine, wellness and prevention Education:

MD, University of Santiago, Dominican Republic
MBA, Robert Morris University, Illinois
BS, University of Illinois, Illinois
Favorite thing about AU: "Success is believing, trusting, and executing transformation."