Aurora University


Andrew Carr
Andrew T. Carr, MBA, MA

Assistant Professor of Business and Finance Office Phone: 630-844-6557
Email: Areas of expertise: Investment, finance, economics, management Education: MBA, Finance, University of Chicago
MA, Economics, University of Illinois at Springfield
BB, Finance, Western Illinois University
Favorite thing about AU: "The small, warm environment allows me to live my purpose: helping students see their potential and inspiring them to perform at their best." View LinkedIn Profile

Margaret R. Conneely, MST, CPA
Margaret R. Conneely, MST, CPA

Assistant Professor of Accounting Office Phone: 630-844-5431
Email: Areas of expertise: Taxation and Financial Accounting Education: MST, Northern Illinois University
BS, Accounting, Northern Illinois University
Favorite thing about AU: "I love the student focus."

Carolyn Foor, MA
Carolyn Foor, MA

Lecturer, Business and Communication Office Phone: 630-844-5491
Email: Areas of expertise: Business and Marketing Communication, Digital Media, Business and Non-Profit Management Education: MA, Organizational Communication, Northern Illinois University
BA, Communication/Marketing concentration, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Favorite thing about AU: "The meaningful ways dedicated faculty and students connect every day to assure student success at AU and beyond."

Shawn Green
Shawn Green, PhD

Professor of Marketing, Business and Economics Office Phone: 630-844-5527
Email: Areas of expertise: Professional sales, marketing, business management Education: PhD, Marketing, Union Institute
MS, Management and Policy, University of Arizona
MBA, Marketing and Management, Mankato State University
BS, Business Administration/Marketing concentration, Bemidji State Favorite thing about AU: "Every graduation ceremony, and reflecting on our students’ transformation in the direction of their goals." View LinkedIn Profile

Gopal K. Gupta
Gopal K. Gupta, PhD, MS

Joe Dunham Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics Office Phone: 630-844-6884
Email: Areas of expertise: Comparative Religious Ethics, Business, Medical, and Environmental Ethics, Science and Religion, Eastern Philosophy and Religions Education:

PhD, Religious Studies, University of Oxford, Queens College, UK
Master's Degree, Science and Religion, University of Oxford, Linacre College, UK
MS, Electrical Engineering, Boise State University, USA
BS, Electrical Engineering, Boise State University, USA

Favorite thing about AU: "Engaging in ethical reflection and discourse with our inquisitive and outstanding students."

Elbert Hearon
Elbert Hearon, MBA, MS

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics Office Phone: 630-844-4645
Email: Areas of expertise: Business analytics, data visualization and analysis, applied business statistics, business research Education: MBA, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
MS, Applied Statistics, DePaul University
BA, Mathematics, Indiana University Favorite thing about AU: "The dedication toward providing students with a quality education."

Kelly Kellen, MBA
Kelly Kellen, MBA

Assistant Professor of Marketing Office Phone: 630-844-4223
Email: Areas of expertise: Marketing, Business Management, Entrepreneurism Education: Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
Favorite thing about AU: "The collaborative nature of the staff and students to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas."

Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance Office Phone: 630-844-5622
Email: Areas of expertise: Corporate finance, personal finance, economics Education:

PhD, Economics, Northern Illinois University
MA, Economics, Northern Illinois University
Favorite thing about AU: "The faculty and staff are all focused on students and preparing them for future success."

Steven Webber, MS
Steven Webber, MS

Lecturer, Business Office Phone: 630-844-5620
Email: Areas of expertise: Leadership development Education: MS, Management, Indiana Wesley University
BS, Natural Resources, Ball State University
BS, Industrial Supervisor, Purdue University
Favorite thing about AU: "The wholistic approach and support of AU toward student success in both academics and personal growth."