Attendance and Academic Engagement

Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is expected of all students. Aurora University has no permissible cut policy. Because of the wide diversity that exists among the various courses within the university and the manner in which they are conducted, it is the responsibility of each instructor to establish and maintain his/her own policy in each of his/her classes. Each instructor is highly encouraged to maintain a record of attendance history. Students must comply with attendance requirements established by financial aid sources regardless of the attendance policy established by the instructor.

Authorized Absences from Class Policy

A student representing the university at university-sponsored events may be granted authorized absences from class provided that the student has complied with approved procedures. Note that it is the responsibility of the student to attempt to schedule courses so as to minimize potential class absences. It is generally unacceptable for authorized absences to exceed 20% of the class meetings. In such cases, alternative arrangements, such as a Course by Special Arrangement, may be considered at the discretion of the instructor.

Academic Engagement

Academic Engagement is defined to include the following:

  • Class attendance
  • Submission of an assignment
  • Engagement in an online activity or discussion
  • Submission of an online assignment
  • Attendance of a university assigned study group (ex.recitations)
  • Meeting or other communication (email) with a faculty regarding course content