School of Social Work Transfer Admission Requirements

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 to be considered.
  • Earned approximately 60 semester hours prior to beginning the required social work coursework.
  • Complete the following required supportive liberal-arts courses or their equivalent: PSC 1300: U.S. Government; PSY 1100: General Psychology; and SOC 1100: Principles of Sociology.
  • Have career goals consistent with the BSW program's philosophy and curriculum.
  • A commitment to high standards of personal and professional conduct, as reflected in the NASW Code of Ethics.

Application Process

Applicants to the BSW program must complete the BSW application and Statement of Purpose to the School of Social Work and a required background check. Before applying to the BSW program, students must be admitted to Aurora University.

Frequently Asked Questions School of Social Work

Do I need an Associates of Arts (AA) or Associates of Science (AS) Degree?

Applicants do not need to have earned an AA degree or an AS degree to gain admission to the BSW program. Students who have not earned either of these degrees must meet the university's general education graduation requirements.

Can I apply to the BSW program prior to completing my sophomore year or 60 semester hours?

Students can apply and be accepted into the BSW program if they plan on completing 60 semester hours prior to beginning the required social work coursework. Students who will have completed slightly fewer semester hours prior to beginning the social work required course will be accepted provided they are willing to develop a plan to complete these hours during the summer term between their junior and senior years.

What if my cumulative grade point average is below the required 2.5 on a 4.0 point scale?

Students, who have a cumulative grade point average slightly below the required minimum can be accepted into the BSW program conditionally provided the Admissions Committee believes that the student has a good chance of succeeding academically. Students accepted on a conditional basis must earn a minimum of an "A" or "B" grade in their first two required social work courses during their first term in the program to gain full acceptance.

Can I transfer social work courses into the university and have them apply to the required social work coursework?

Only courses taken in an academic institution accredited by the Council on Social Work Education can be used to meet required social work coursework. These courses must be current, no more than five years old. Fieldwork does not transfer.

I have an Associate's of Applied Science (AAS) in Human Service. How will this degree transfer?

Aurora University will not accept an AAS. A course-by-course evaluation will be done on the courses taken in the AAS. Human Service courses may not transfer in or may transfer as electives. Students should provide the syllabi for the Human Service courses they have taken.

If you have questions about transferring into the School of Social Work, please contact Ariana Carlson Maggio at or 630-844-6554.