Undergraduate Research Conference

Students that present in the AU Undergraduate Research Conference are learning valuable lessons of research. Not only are they learning the research process, but they are learning discovery and reflection, critical thinking, communication skills and global citizenship. The AU Undergraduate Research Conference prepares students with the skills needed in both graduate school and the workforce. No matter what your future holds, there will always be a component of research and presentation.

The AU Undergraduate Research Conference not only recognizes students for the significant contributions they are making to scholarship and practice in their respective disciplines, but offers an opportunity to highlight the academic excellence these emerging scholars and practitioners embody. The AU Undergraduate Research Conferences showcases the hard work of students from across the university and from various disciplines.

The conference gives the university community an opportunity to publicly recognize the hard work of the presenters and their faculty mentors. For the wider community, the conference provides attendees the chance to experience a professional conference akin to what they might later be exposed to as part of their own continuing professional education. The conference is a space for conversation and dialogue around topics of considerable interest to the AU community.