Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the AU Undergraduate Research Page! This site has been created as a reference for undergraduate research and to display the hard work completed by the students for the AU Undergraduate Research Conference.

Undergraduate research is vital for students in today’s world that want to compete in the workforce. Students that take initiative to learn the process of research are developing the appropriate skills needed to reach their future goals. In every field, there is a strong component for research from arts and sciences to business.

Students are evolving their knowledge for future job opportunities and will undoubtedly use research in their careers one way or another. Throughout the research process, students learn discovery and reflection, communication, critical thinking and global citizenship.

Discovery and Reflection

Students that go directly into the workforce have a strong need for understanding the research and creative process needed in their field. The process of performing research is embedded in most career tasks. Students grow tremendously by reflecting and discovering new ideas with research that is interesting to them.

Through the research and creative process, students are discovering and reflecting on the work they are accomplishing in their area of research. Students learn about their strengths, weaknesses and their capabilities by performing the tasks needed for quality research. While researching, students discover and reflect on their own abilities. They develop their own standards and values to bring into the work force. Through the research process, students are discovering new ideas and realizing the connections made with “real world” and their area of research.


Research develops students communication strategies needed to conduct research and present research. Students learn the communication methods that are appropriate in their area of expertise. The jargon, style and messages that are communicated by academics and professionals are analyzed and learned in the field by reading articles for their research.

Whether the student is presenting at a conference or writing a manuscript, students will be encouraged to properly communicate their findings. Through working with faculty, students understand the important factors that should be communicated and the best persuasive method of communication.

Critical Thinking

The undergraduate researchers are one step ahead of those not conducting research. The student researchers are constantly analyzing articles, thinking outside the box and applying information to their discipline. Student researchers evaluate and analyze articles with important theoretical concepts in their field. One of the most challenging tasks that students learn is to connect the concepts to their research.

Throughout research process, students learn problem solving skills. Students continue to innovate and analyze the validity and importance of the information they are reading for research. As a result, students begin questioning main stream topics that are normally accepted by society.

Global Citizenship

Students realize that learning is not just done in the classroom when conducting research. Researches will learn to be lifelong learners in a global world. Students understand that they are part of a larger, global environment and are responsible for a larger entity. It is the obligation of the student to develop marketable skills to bring into the world they live in. Students learn to be more aware of their surroundings and as a result will be more respectful in the community.

Through research, students become more confident. Students become more aware of the world around them. And students “Discover what matters. And build their life around it.”

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