Four Goals of AU’s Autism Initiative

Train professionals in Autism Studies
AU will prepare undergraduate and graduate students for careers in fields that support individuals on the autism spectrum. A new Autism Studies program will complement existing AU majors including Social Work, Special Education, Therapeutic Recreation, Parks and Recreation Leadership, and Human-Animal Studies.

Host summer camps for high school students
Through the Pathways Summer Camps and Ongoing Enrichment program, AU will help high school students on the autism spectrum who have a long-term interest in seeking a college degree to take their first steps toward the college experience.

Offer a four-year college experience
AU will welcome a first cohort of college-capable students on the spectrum to the Aurora campus as freshmen and transfer students.

Prepare students to enter the workforce
AU will collaborate with students, their families, and prospective employers to ensure AU students on the autism spectrum are prepared for a successful transition from the college experience to a job.