Aurora University — Opportunities for Global Study

Students are transformed by AU's global initiatives. Study abroad for a semester. Pursue a May and Summer Travel/study course. Attend an on-campus event with an international focus. You’ll start to discover what it means to be a citizen of the world. Today your education requires a global perspective.

Aurora University offers several avenues for learning about our complex, interdependent world.

Due to ever-changing public health circumstances, the availability of travel programs may vary. Please contact Dr. Mary Tarling at or 630-844-7802 for the current status of offerings.

Study Abroad

Aurora University offers several exciting international study abroad programs to locations such as Costa Rica, Quebec, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and others.

Travel in May and Summer with AU Faculty

Travel in May and Summer offers courses specifically developed for travel/study trips to destinations in the United States and abroad. Previous courses have included travel to France, Austria, Greece, Colorado, Wisconsin, and more. In addition to offering students the opportunity to learn about a culture first hand, many of the trips also include a service component.