On-Campus Confidential Resource Contact Information

In addition to these confidential advisors, the University makes available to students the following on campus confidential resources:

Aurora Campus

  • Aurora University Counseling Services (630-844-5416, 1317 Marseillaise Place)
  • Health Services (630-844-5434, 1317 Marseillaise Place)
  • University Chaplain (630-844-6866, 430 South Evanslawn Avenue)

George Williams Campus

  • Counseling Services (262-245-8597, 350 Constance Blvd.)

These resources are available whether or not a reporting party chooses to make an official report or participate in the University’s Investigation and Resolution Procedures or in the criminal process, and can assist parties with obtaining needed resources, explain reporting options, navigating the reporting process, and providing ongoing support as needed.