Aurora University

Support the Lakefront Restoration at George Williams College

Earlier this year Aurora University began a multiphase project designed to revitalize the lakeside front door at George Williams College. After all, it was this spectacular natural setting that first drew the founders to the shores of Geneva Lake.

The first phase of the project, completed in June, cleared some cottages from the Williams Bay lakefront. After several years of heavy rainfall and runoff, four of the five cottages were beyond repair. They were compromised structurally and beyond remediation. Now, in place of the cottages is an expanse of lush green lawn and the opportunity to reenvision the GWC lakefront.

AU is working to restore the natural landscape to the fullest extent possible and prevent further erosion of the shoreline — all part of AU’s commitment to remain an environmental steward of Geneva Lake.

Best of all, the project will celebrate the many educators who fashioned GWC’s legacy over the years. A shiny brass sailboat weather vane will sit atop the tower planned for a prominent spot lakeside of the Weidensall porch. Affixed to the structure will be two bronze plaques. Honor a favorite professor, colleague, or family member with a donation of $1,000 or more, and we will list his or her name on one plaque and yours on another.

You may make your gift online here. For more information, contact Meg Howes, vice president for development, at 630-844-5256 or