Autism Studies (Minor)

Why minor in Autism Studies?

A minor in Autism Studies can prepare you to make a positive impact in the world. There is a growing demand for professionals who understand the unique characteristics, strengths, and challenges of individuals with autism. They include teachers, therapists, researchers, counselors, social workers, healthcare navigators, and medical clinicians.

Why minor in Autism Studies at AU?

Aurora University’s Autism Studies minor is designed to prepare students to serve, support, and advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum. You will develop an understanding of the characteristics of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, as well as the many systems and institutions involved in the diagnosis and treatment.

This interdisciplinary minor can be paired with any major as a way to expand your skill set and enhance your employment potential. Nearly every career field allows for opportunities to work with individuals with autism.

The Autism Studies minor also serves as a solid foundation for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in such fields as occupational therapy, education, social work, speech language pathology, clinical psychology, or rehabilitation therapy.

Curriculum Highlights
  • Introduction to autism studies
  • Principles of everyday behavior
  • Social implications for individuals with autism
  • Strategies and assistive technology for students with low-incidence disabilities
  • Therapeutic recreation for selected populations
Campus Opportunities
  • Aurora University Autism Initiative
  • Rec & Roll