Technique, historical awareness and creativity: These are the foundations of the music department at Aurora University. Our program offers a broad-based core that combines the study of music history, music theory and performance. With the guidance of accomplished professors, many of whom have performed nationally and internationally, you’ll hone your skills through serious, sustained and comprehensive musical training. We take pride in the hard work of our students and the high degree of rigor in our courses.

As you complete your degree, you’ll participate in various collaborative activities, ensembles and numerous performance opportunities both off-campus and in our on-campus impressive performance halls, including the stunning Crimi Auditorium. During the summers, our students can participate in the Music by the Lake festival at our George Williams College campus in Williams Bay, Wis.

You can choose between keyboard and vocal studies within the Bachelor of Arts. In both studies, you will complete at least 120 semester hours total in general education and music courses.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The degree offers students the flexibility for students to combine music with another major and to amplify and define the degree with elective courses. The program includes:

  • 51 total semester hours of required music courses, including:
    • Seven semester hours in applied music
    • Eight semester hours of ensemble
    • For pianists, one semester hour of Choral Ensemble and MUS2300 Accompanying (1)
    • For vocalists, two semesters of Applied Piano Study (.5 hours each) or placement by instructor permission.

Minor in Music

The minor offers opportunities for individual instruction, participation in ensembles and a solid foundation in music theory. The minor includes

  • 20-24.5 total semester hours of required music courses, including:
    • 12 semester hours of foundation courses
    • Four semester hours of electives
    • .5 semester hours of individual piano lessons
    • Four semesters from your area of focus (voice, piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, classical guitar or organ); .5-1 semester hour per semester
    • Four semesters of Ensemble (1 semester hour per semester)

For non-music majors

We also offer opportunities for students pursuing majors outside of the music program, including a variety of ensembles and individual study in voice, piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, classical guitar and organ. We believe that music amplifies the college experience, helps you develop on a personal level and instills a lifelong appreciation for the arts. All musicians, whether you’ve loved to sing and play for years or whether you’ve always wanted to learn, are welcomed and challenged by faculty and peers.


The experiential learning at Aurora University gives students the tools they need to hold leadership positions in the field of private music instruction, music performance as a soloist and collaborator, music administration and myriad other ways in which musically trained professionals can enrich the lives of others. The degree was designed so that it is possible to complete another major, such as business, psychology, and religion to enter fields such as arts management, music therapy or music direction at a religious organization. Some students also pursue a music minor with a degree in education to earn a K-6 education endorsement.