Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program at Aurora University has two aspects to its mission. First, it provides a broad academic background for students in the area of criminal justice so that they have maximum flexibility while in school and after they graduate, regardless of whether they intend to undertake a career in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, or federal service, or attend graduate school. Second, the program provides criminal justice practitioners with related and pertinent college courses to assist them in the performance of public service.

With these purposes in mind, the goal of the criminal justice program is to provide students with opportunities to develop both a theoretical and a practical understanding of the complexities involved in the processes of the justice system. Internships also are available in one or more professional capacities within the functional agencies of the criminal justice system and in other community service agencies.

Program Overview

To earn an undergraduate degree in criminal justice, you will complete at least 120 semester hours total in general education and criminal justice courses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice includes:

  • 28 hours of required criminal justice courses
  • 12 hours of elective courses, including internship opportunities

The minor in criminal justice includes:

  • 20 total semester hours, including four semester hours of required courses and 16 semester hours of elective courses

The minor in homeland security includes:

  • 20 total semester hours, including eight semester hours of required courses and 12 semester hours of selected courses
This major is also offered as an Adult Degree Completion Program.