Faculty — MBA

Full-time Faculty

Brian A. Vander Schee, PhD - Professor of Marketing, Director of Graduate Programs

Donald Danner, MBA (CPA) - Assistant Professor of Accounting, Chair of Department of Accounting and Finance

Thomas H. Berliner, PhD - Associate Professor, School of Business and Public Policy (on sabbatical spring 2017)

Andrew T. Carr, MBA, MS - Lecturer of Applied Business/Economics

David W. Diehl, MBA (CPA) - Vice President of Technology

Jack Harrington, EdD - Assistant Professor

Tim Moran, MBA(CIPA) - Professor of Accounting

Susan Mennenga, MPA (CFRE) - Lecturer of Business and Public Administration

Tony L. Mann, MBA - Lecturer, Graduate Business

David Perkins, MSA (CPA) - Assistant Professor of Accounting

Part-Time Faculty

Andrew Whitaker, PhD

Astrid Larson, PhD (ABD)

Barbara Fatina, MBA (CPA)

David Behnke, MBA (CPA)


Donald Lloyd, MBA

George Psaras, MBA, MSA

Greg Sipla, MBA, MA

Guy Vaccaro, PhD

Heather Stenwall, MBA

Jamie Relihan, MBA

John Aguilar, MBA

John Altman, MBA

John Holmberg, MBA (CFP)

Kevin Iaquinto, MBA

Kevin Picket, MBA

Laurie Schachtner, MBA (FACHE, CRA)

Marc Sperling, MAS (CPA)

Mark Las, MBA, MS

Michael Hensley, MBA

Michael Walschot, MBA (CMA)

Michele Gill, MBA

Patricia Sida, MBA

Paul Glover, PhD

Pete Michling, JD, MA

Raymond Doherty, MBA

Richard Kunkel, MBA

Richard Lochner, MBA, MS

Ryan Dowd, JD/MPA

Ryan Klassy, MBA

Sarah Olson, MBA

Shannon Connell, PhD

Susan Mennenga, MPA (CFRE)

William Carmichael, MA

Curtis Summers, MS (CPA)