50% of our EdD graduates got a promotion within 12 months of finishing their degree.

Doctor of Education

In the Doctor of Education program at Aurora University Woodstock Center, you will find expert faculty with a wealth of experience as administrators and professionals who are committed to teaching the most relevant and current curriculum. You'll find like-minded peers who can share their experiences, challenges and successes in positions similar to your own. You'll join a cohort of students who work together to address pressing issues in education, and will leave the program with a strong network of peers in districts and institutions across Illinois.

EdD Program Strands at Woodstock Center

  • Leadership in Adult Learning and Higher Education: Preparation for roles in higher education administration, teaching at the community college or university level, or as learning leaders in corporate, non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction: Preparation for work in district K-12 curriculum leadership or as instructors of pre-service teaching
  • Leadership in Educational Administration: Preparation for roles as superintendents or other K–12 high-level positions
  • NEW! Superintendent Endorsement - Preparation to complete the coursework for the superintendent endorsement exam; return later to complete your degree

In all of the strands, the doctoral program features a regular schedule of evening and Saturday classes, allowing students to balance work commitments. The program is designed to be completed in three years; however, you may take up to six years to earn the degree.

The EdD program aims to develop better practitioners through melding theory, academic study and practice in course readings, assignments and dissertations. You will receive a strong grounding in research and inquiry, and may choose to specialize in quantitative and qualitative methods or pursue a mixture of the two approaches. You will begin dissertation work in your second-term research class and receive robust support throughout the dissertation process.

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Program Requirements

EdD teacher candidates must complete 60 semester hours (beyond the master’s degree), including:

  • 42 hours of coursework
  • Six hours divided between a choice of directed study, advanced research and internship
  • 12 hours of dissertation

After two years of coursework, students take a research-oriented comprehensive examination, involving three issues that face the education profession. Doctoral candidates must complete the program requirements between three years (minimum) and six years (maximum) from the date of enrollment in the program.

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