Criteria for Review of Candidates for Admission

Communication Indicators

  • Writes and speaks clearly and with flair, using standard written and spoken English
  • Speaks and writes knowledgeably and authoritatively about educational matters
  • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills including an ability to manage conflict
  • Demonstrates an ability to communicate with and work collaboratively with people from many backgrounds and who represents the diverse nature of the district/county population
  • Has published reports or articles
  • Has written reports at the school level or for professional organization committees, community organizations, etc.
  • Has presented at in-service meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Shows initiative in the area of communication by seeking out and participating in professional development opportunities or other experiences which will further develop communication skills

Leadership Indicators

  • Has successfully implemented/led a district-wide program (e.g. professional development for teachers, computers in the schools)
  • Has successfully implemented/led a school-wide program (e.g. reading across the curriculum, school travel programs)
  • Has successfully been involved in working with community groups regarding district programs
  • Has successfully been involved in working with community groups at the school level
  • Has administered a large-scale learning or social program in or out of an educational environment (e.g. a community literacy program, a community sports program)
  • Has administered a school-based program or a small-scale learning or social program in or out of an educational environment (e.g. library enhancement program, a youth drop-in center)
  • Has successfully initiated and implemented a classroom program recognized by others as displaying leadership/initiative (e.g. a program to motivate more reading, a class science program)
  • Has successfully been involved in working with parents to enhance the learning environments of children (beyond what is expected of a teacher regarding contact with parents)
  • Other indicators as per the application packet

Other Criteria
Items 5, 6 and 7 of the Admission Portfolio will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Writing competence
  • Past professional and academic experiences
  • Congruence between the personal and professional aims and goals of the candidate and the goals of the Ed.D. program
  • Indication of potential to make contributions to the development of education in Illinois
  • Candidate's vision of "self" as educational leader and of future contributions to education
  • Potential for success in the program

You will be asked to submit letters of reference. The letters of reference will be used as further evidence that you meet the admission criteria.

For more information or an application packet, contact Amy Carzoli, Director of Enrollment at AU Woodstock Center, at 815-337-6237 or