Policy Regarding Academic Background

Those admitted to the Ed.D. Program are expected to possess an appropriate master's degree

(M. A. T. or other curriculum related master's degree for the Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction Strand; M.A.E.L. or equivalent for the Leadership in Administration Strand).

Those applicants who possess master's degrees other than the M. A. T. or M.A.E.L. (or equivalent) may apply and may be admitted. Such candidates are expected to have completed at least the courses below or their equivalents covering the following content:

For Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction Strand

  • Foundations of Education (Philosophical, and/or Historical, and/or Political)
  • Current Issues in Education
  • Introduction to Curriculum Development/Thought
  • Current Trends/Research in Teaching/Learning
  • Introduction to Supervision and/or Staff Development

For Leadership in Administration Strand

  • Introductory School Law
  • Leadership
  • School Finance
  • School Administration
  • School and Community Relations
  • School Supervision

Those lacking the appropriate background preparation may be admitted on a conditional basis, and should expect to complete those courses or their equivalents before beginning Ed.D. courses.

The Doctoral Program Admissions Committee will inform candidates, in their acceptance letters, of their conditional status and outline required background courses or equivalents.

For more information or an application packet, contact Amy Carzoli, Director of Enrollment at AU Woodstock Center, at 815-337-6237 or acarzoli@aurora.edu.